I’m On The Witch Wave Podcast

I have to say this is so far my favorite interview ever! So much love, sacredness, wisdom, connection, and magick happened on this episode with The Witch Wave

I urge you my beautiful sisters and brothers to go give a listen!  Also please come back to @witchwavepod on instagram and find the post with my picture on it and and leave your thoughts, love, and support in the comments. As always I’m grateful for you all and can’t wait for you to listen in.

 On this episode, Juliet discusses her various healing practices, the ways in which she expresses her Indigenous heritage while navigating issues of craft and commodity, and how to heed the hero’s call.

Pam also talks about appreciation vs. appropriation of other spiritual cultures, and she answers a listener question from a witch dealing with Catholic guilt.

Listen to Episode here >> CLICK HERE

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