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I’m On The Witch Wave Podcast

I have to say this is so far my favorite interview ever! So much love, sacredness, wisdom, connection, and magick happened on this episode with The Witch Wave I urge you my beautiful sisters and brothers to go give a listen!  Also please come back to @witchwavepod on instagram and find the post with my picture on it and and leave your thoughts, love, … Read More I’m On The Witch Wave Podcast


Grimoire Glory

I was interviewed by Emily Linstrom for Sabat Magazine, It’s been roughly two years since I first became acquainted with Juliet Diaz, apothecary owner and founder of The School of Witchery, now November Sage Herbarium, and almost a year since our first Sabat interview. I had just moved overseas, and found that even with my own steadfast rituals and much-loved mentors back in the … Read More Grimoire Glory


Craft or Commodity?

I was interviewed by Emily Linstrom for Sabat Magazine, I sometimes liken the popular resurgence of Witchcraft — and Paganism by proxy — to that old blessing-and-a-curse adage: a blessing in that what is arguably the world’s oldest and most oft-persecuted spiritual way is now widely accepted (or at the very least tolerated) by the mainstream, the curse being that, as with many deep-rooted paths that enjoy newfound … Read More Craft or Commodity?