My Book! & FREE Bonus Surprise!

MY BOOK! Witchery – Embrace the Witch within isn’t a book that just hands over spells, it’s a companion that helps you become the Magick first. Magick isn’t like the magic on tv, it is a power within us all that we are all capable of honing, but only IF WE DO THE WORK. It takes you on a journey of healing, self love, inner truth, and MAGICKAL ROOT WORK before getting into the spells and magickal workings.. why? Because your Magick will not work or will not work at its fullest potential if you don’t work on FINDING YOUR TRUTH. Your truth will align you with inner Magick, a power that will change your life in ways you have always desired. This book teaches the foundations of Magick, of how it actually works, teaches you to create your own craft/practice, create your own spells with confidence, and embody the Witch in all her glory.

Now, if you are serious about embodying the Witch. It’s time to embrace the Witch within. .

Here it is! The big surprise I told you about 🙌 anyone who orders my book (head to the link below, it will take you to a page where you can buy my book from different places *international included) to purchase it and also unlock your bonus surprise! After you order it, enter your order number in the form and get your FREE BONUS SURPRISE

For those who already ordered the book: it doesn’t matter where you ordered from, all we need is the number 💕 so head to the same link in below and enter the number to unlock your bonus💕

Bonus: A 3 week course live webinar with me! Where we will dive into the book and create a few of my favorite spells together. Not only will we review the book, I have some amazing extra content, spells, potions, and bonus material for you! I also created a fb group page just for those who purchased and in this group we will have EVEN MORE BONUS CONTENT a place for us all to connect and support each other through the journey of the book.



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